Kazi Nazrul Islam National Poet of Bangladesh

Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam ( Bengali: কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম, pronounced: [kadʒi nodʒrul islam]) (24 May 1899 - 29 August 1976) was a Bangladeshi poet, writer, musician, and revolutionary. He is the national poet of Bangladesh. Popularly known as Nazrul, he produced a large body of poetry and music with themes that included religious devotion and spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression.

Kazi Nazrul Islam was a great writer. In his time he was very popular. The writer was born in 1899 and he died in 1976. Kazi Nazrul Islam is remembered in Bangla literature because of his contribution writing novels,stories, and poems. Even though he has died 40 years ago people find inspiration in his work in Bangla literature. He wrote numerous songs,  watch the video below of popular songs of the genius. You can also download the songs adding 10 before YouTube in the URL.

Tumi Shundor Tai Cheye Thaki Priyo

Alga Korogo Khopar Badhon

Mor Priya Hobe Esho Rani

He is known as a rebel poet in Bangla literature.

The pride of Bangladesh lived an eventful life. The British government sent the writer to the jail because of his writing against them. His birthday, as well as the death anniversary, are celebrated in Bangladesh with respect. All the Bangla Generations love him.