Second episode of Bangladeshi celebrity scandal

Welcome to the second episode of Bangladeshi celebrity scandal. If you are a celebrity, the scandal will chase you whatever you like or not. But keep in mind not every time celebrities hate their scandals. You know scandals are like free publicity. Scandals are viral; they spread like fire in the wind. Sadia Jahan Prova scandal with her boyfriend Razib is a big example. Yes... This scandal video is still on the top searched keywords on the web.

Nowhin Hillol scandal has been the hot news on the board last month. The video wasn’t an MMS taken by a hidden camera. It’s made deliberately for some telefilm, which in our media and openness context can be marked as x-rate Bangladeshi telefilm. 

Nowhin Hillol scandal
Nowshin and Hillol divorce their ex-partner and started to live together, not married but an open conjugal life. And so far, it’s going great. Both of them had children from ex-partners.  A few years back Tinni-Hillol scandal was hot search on the web. Later Tinni had been married with Hillol but the marriage didn’t survive a long time. The couple had a baby, living with Hillol-Nowshin now besides Nowshin’s children with her ex-partner.

Hot Bangladeshi actress Nova scandal photos exposing the upper body to her boyfriend was viral on the web. The photos seem not edited true photos. For our policies, we are not showing the photos here on this page but if you are very interested sir, want to make the software hardware, you can search the photos on the web and hopefully you will find the photos.

Singer Eva Rahman scandal video with her driver is never proven. Though girl looked like Eva but that doesn’t make it certain that it was she. The video showed some extreme things. No matter it’s real or fake, it was entertaining. Search boos… search yourself. We can’t help, we have policies ;)
Singer Eva Rahman scandal video