Sakib Al Hasan - marriage and family

Shakib Al Hasan is now a parent of a daughter. Umme Ahmed Shishir gave birth to a girl child ending all speculations at five o'clock local time 8 November 2015 in the United States.
Shishir, a modern western mannered girl who was a local heart-throb fell in love with Sakib when he went the UK for playing in County Cricket. In Bangladesh cricket has been most popular entertainment and Sakib is so far the greatest performer of our cricket history.
Sakib with her mom

Sakib Al Hasan with his family
Sakib with her father, sister, and mother
Sakib Al Hasan's financial assets amount to $35 million -5 crore 61 lakh 78 thousand 50 Taka. Last year, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) as a monthly salary from Shakib Al Hasan got two lakh 10 thousand taka.