Scandals of Bangladeshi Celebrities

Bangladeshi model Tanzika Amin married Nirjhor director of Bangla movie Aha following a romance of three years. This was the second marriage for Nirjhor but first for Tanzika.

Aupee Karim Enamul Karim Nirjhar Marriage

Bangladesh actress Aupee Karim and director Enamul Karim Nirjhar have officially tied the knot. ... In the Bangladesh film industry, they are known as a popular actress and a national award winning director respectively. ... Actress Aupee Karim had married one Japan resident Asir ...
Nirjhor scandal  video with Chaity went viral few years ago. Chaity, a former tv presenter was an assistant director of movie Aha and during the movie, Nirzhor and Chaity came close. Nirzhor gets married with Tanzika after the shock of the leaked video is appreciated by their fans and followers.
Model tanzika, Nirjhor, Nadira Nasim Chaity
Chaity, Nirzhor, Tanzika

Bangladeshi blogosphere is overwhelmed with the news of movie actress Moushumi scandal. This drama queen sometimes in her career had done shooting a sex scene with an anonymous artist which came to the spotlight, though it's not sure all of the videos was played by Moushumi or some other artist did shooting for that. 

Akhi Alamgir, a singer, and an actress was a victim of false video which was claimed of Akhi Alamgir scandal. Akhi didn't admit that but the video is searched immensely on the internet.  Years back a caller phoned a live show where Akhi was the guest teased Akhi publicly.

Bangladeshi actress Tisha has been a victim of scandal seekers. What really happened? A photo of an unknown girl who hardly looks like Tisha has claimed of her. But it's a big mistake.

 Nusrat Imroz Tisha

Prova's leaked video with her ex-boyfriend Razib was a huge shock. Never in the past that much nudity of any celebrity leaked. Later, Prova married renowned TV actor Apurba. But unfortunately, that marriage didn't last a long. Soon after the divorce, a corporate guy named Shanto got married to her.
 Prova Honeymoon Photos

Why her pictures and videos got leaked? Apart from a complete sex video with her ex-boyfriend, there are more materials on the web showing her desperateness. On 10 November 2011, a photo was posted on Somewhereinblog.net where the actress was seen smoking shisha.
Sadia Jahan Prova smoking shisha