Bangladeshi Singer Nancy's SUICIDE scandal!

Pop singer Nancy’s attempt to suicide kept journalists busy in the middle of August. August is a busy month for Awami Leauge – for national mourning day, death anniversary of founder of the nation and former president of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

BDSNAP looked into why Nancy tried to kill herself. Well who knows what’s in her mind! Guess is, she was in serious mental pressure regarding family issues. She took 60 sleeping pills in two steps but survive mysteriously.

Nazmun Monira Nancy gave birth to a baby girl January 8.  The new baby is named "Nayla".

Later returning back to home Nancy denied the suicide attempt. Then why she took 60 pills? '' I didn't took that amount.. nobody survives taking 60 pills. I just wanted to sleep, not die.. noway." Then Nancy and her husband posed for photograph.

Nancy posted a status supporting BNP before last general election. Though BNP didn't participate in that election. Nancy later talked to journalists informing Awami League caders are treating her " I support  Begum Zia, so I'm a terrorist in the eye of Awami League."

In the recent years why Nancy is performing so much? "Because I don't feel the joy in it that much now-a-days." Beside her last pregnancy kept her all the TV programs and recording last five months. But Nancy is coming back to music in a short, she confirmed.

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