Lux Superstar Bidya Sinha Mim

Lux Channel i Superstar of 2007 Bidya Sinha Mim started her movie debut with Amar Ache Jol directed by Humayun Ahmed. Her second movie Amar Praner Priya by director Raju was a mainstream Bangla Commercial Movie. Her co-artist was Shakib Khan. Now working on Jonakir Alo where director Khalid Mahmud.

Bidya Sinha Mim is a student of JahangirNagar University. Her Subject is Dramma.


Father: Birendra Shaha

Sibling: Progga Sinha

Date of birth: 11 october, 1989

Birth place: Rajshahi

A scandal video of Bidya Sinha Mim claimed authentic by many sites. Where model Mim was making love with a black man. Though it might be not she.