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Another Rumor! I don't believe this shit. And trust me I didn't try more than 1 hour searching the video on the web. A few years back some scoundrel called to a phono-live and Akhi Alamgir was the guest. The caller most humbly approached that he thought Akhi's butt was full a bad smell and he intended to push into that. I watched that on youtube. That's a different story.
I don't know much about Akhi Alamgir- she is the daughter of Bangla Movie actor Alamgir and his first wife Khoshnur.  Khoshnur was a lyricist and Alamgir is one the handsome Bangla movie heroes of  all time. Though he is not that active these days;  his masterpieces had made him a legend already. Akhi starred in the Bangla movie "Vaat De'' (give me food) as a child actress and won the national award.

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You'll see photos of Akhi Alamgir with a man named Rusho around the web. Rusho is her husband. I've found a video clip where the woman looked like Akhi and the man looked like Rusho a little. To me that wasn't them. Years back, a video leaked on the web claiming that was of Tinni Hillol and that couple had a lot similarities with Tinni-Hillol. But they were, in reality, some infamous couple from Mumbai. But since, famous people get physical too and public loves to see them naked so, sometimes clever guys make a fool of them.
Don't be a fool, don't be a victim and keep in mind,  famous people also make love, no matter we watch it or don't.
Akhi Alamgir and Rusho. Akhi in the wedding dress- red katan sharee and golden ornaments. Ow! It's her wedding day photo.

Yes.. I can see it. it's kind of what can I say... Sex-provoking or a little sexually aggressive Akhi Alamgir and a happy man holding her. God bless you, children. 

Nice Teeth! I vote Akhi and Rusho for next Close-up TVC.  
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Bikini Girl Jannatul Ferdous Piya             
Nice and cute couples shop! They walk store to store, mall to mall and carry colorful bags and after that hug each other and ask a passer-by to take a photo of them. Wow! I feel romantic now.