Hartal of Bangladesh

Hartal is common political practice in Bangladesh. The country has a way long history of political instability and Hartal has been a widely-used political weapon all these years both before and after the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. Hartal originated from Gujarati language. Hartal is massive strike which is very often called country-wide and accompanied by picketing ( throwing stones and home-made bombs ). Generally main opposition party calls Hartal. Bangladesh losses 3-5% working days due to Hartal every years and financial damage is huge.

Two main political Parties of Bangladesh- Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has one thing very common when they are on the Government they criticize Hartal and when they are on the opposition they practice it.    

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Bagladesh Police in action during a hartal
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leader captured by police during a Hartal day

Anie a BNP leader beaten by police

BNP leader Rizvi was sad since Police detained him

Rizvi holds female activist hand during a Hartal

BNP leader Joynal Abedin Farook is being beaten by a Police Man during Hartal

Picketing is widely practiced in Hratl

Sometime law enforcement agencies be tough on the Hartal supporters

A female member of parliament is singing a song '' aro beshi kadale ural debo akashe''