Tisha Scandal(!) rocked on the Internet

Bangladeshi actress Nujhat Emroz Tisha started her career as child artist and never stopped. She is glamorous model, talented actress both in movies and TV dramas. In the past we watched her only in pictures of Farooki but the latest news is Tisha is going to act with Shakib Khan in commercial Bangla movie ''Prem Kore Ami Morbo''.  
Tisha in a role of a prostitute
Tisha became a popular actress on the TV screen through her acting in mega serials mostly directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki later became her husband.
Tisha was born in Rajshahi in 20 February 1983. She won Natun Kuri National Award in 1995. She was singer many of don't know. She founded musical band 'Angel 4'. Her first TV drama is Shatpere Kabbo directed by Ananta Heera.
Tisha acted in Third Person Singular Number and Television
 Tisha was cast for the main role in "Third Person Singular Number" and in a significant role in another movie "Television". Both were directed by her husband Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.
Tisha acting is so spontaneous
 Her spontaneous style of acting and modeling made her favorite to viewers of all the classes. The actress came in number of TV shows and looked really zippy.
 Tisha married Mostofa Sarwar Farooki after dating him for three years in 16 July, 2010. The marriage ceremony was arranged in Hotel Westin.

A video scandal leaked claiming the girl in that is Tisha which was never convincing. Tisha  is respected for her clear image and frankness.