Bangladeshi Actress Joya Ahsan

Date of birth: 1 July 1972
Father: Abu Masud
Mother: Rehana Masud
Height: 5'6''

Srijit Mukherjee created 'Rajkahini’, the latest Joya Ahsan film. The film was released on October 16 in Kolkata. Discussion gains the leads in the form of criticism mostly on the social media. Popular actor Shakib Khan remarks on a controversial scene of Joya Ahsan in the film “there was no need of that.” He said, "How relevant the scene is, it's not clear to me."

Joya's career is of an era. The journey began with modeling in 1990. After getting the enormous popularity, was started acting beside modeling. Joya's first full length Bangla Movie was Becholor then she took  a long break and came with Guerrilla. But didn't stop there.
Chorabali with director Redowan Rony was her first commercial Bangla film. In 2013 her "Purnodhoirgho Prem Kahini" released where Shakib Khan was her hero.

Joya ahsan with he ex husband Faisal
We used to know Joya and Faisal as a happy couple. So when news came about their divorce many of us couldn't believe. Celebrities do not like to think how we do. Finally, the letter of divorce sent by Faisal Ahmed to Joya. After almost 5 months separation Joya and Faisal got divorced.

Joya Ahsan Bangla Movie ChorabaliJoya ahsan with Bangla Movie superstar Shakib Khan

Joya Ahsan in persona

Joya with Bibek in a award ceremony
Joya acting as Prostitute in Bangla Natok

Joya with her sisterJoya Ahsan in Bangla Movie Parle Theka