21 August granade attack on Awami league targeting Sheikh Hasina

21 August is a tragic memorial day for the nation. In fact August is a month of sorrow for Awami league as well as all of us. On 15 August 1975 the founding father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed buy some missguided Army officers. 15 August is national mourning day. Another bloody event took place on 21 August 2004. On that day in a peaceful gathering in front of Awami league head office in Bangabandhu avenue terrorists charged granade. The current prime minister and opposition leader of that time 
Sheikh Hasina was the main target of that terrorist attack. Ivy Rahman and 23 activists were killed in the incident. She can see now with other 500 people got hurt. 5: 22 on the clock, Sheikh Hasina finishing the speech going to inaugurate anti terrorism rally, on that moment suddenly granade blast shook Bangabandhu avenue, Gulistan, old Patan and adjacent area. In a moment the conference became bloody. Bangabandhu Avenue turned to city of death. Hundreds of people crying, flesh of people here and there, blood and fire burning smell created a complete disaster. On that time the police administration instead of helping the hurt people applied tear shell and charged on them. The daughter of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina couldn't be killed. 

General election of Bangladesh 2019: Level playing field or not?

The next general election of Bangladesh will be held in 2019 as the ruling government led by the current prime minister Sheikh Hasina will resign by the end of 2018. The current parliament is packed with member of parliaments of the ruling party Awami League. 
Awami League for the first time in the history of Bangladesh has formed consecutive two governments by election. The election of 2014 was a very controversial since, one of the leading parties Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) didn't participated. 
The future of BNP led 4 party alliance is a big question now. Some of the national leaders of BNP don't want Jamaat Islami in the alliance. They believe BNP doesn't need Jamaat e Islami to win the next election. The role of Jatiya party is considered as another big issue but the leaders of the party keep the suspense. 

Caretaker government concept is no more supported by the ruling party Awami League. On the other hand, BNP doesn't agree to go for the election under the administration of the ruling party Awami League. BNP is demanding something like caretaker government for the election time administration. But Awami League is very adamant about not accepting any non elected mediatory government after learning from the incident of 1/11. Main leader of BNP Begum Khaleda Zia is famous for his uncompromising attitude. But this time, Sheikh Hasina or Begum Khaleda Zia somebody has to compromise. Many of the BNP leaders or in the prison. The elder son of BNP chief Begum Khaleda Zia- Tarek Rahman has been living in London all this years of Awami League government. There are cases against him for his corruption during the last party tenure of BNP. 

The general election of Bangladesh 2019 is going to be very traumatic and dramatic- this is the public opinion.

Challenges of Highway railway travels during Eid ul Adha

Ongoing flood of Bangladesh destroyed the road and highway as well as Railway to some extent. Since Eid ul Adha is very near, now is very challenging for public transportation to provide quality journey for the passengers. Railway minister Mr Mujibur expecting the railway will be fine in short.

But the Highway Minister Mr Obaidul Qader is very hopeful about repairing the damaged Road before eid ul Adha. Heavy rainfall is a big challenge- he explains. On the other hand, the ticket counters both of bus and rail now are jam packed. The capital city Dhaka two times in every year faces disgrace challenge as most of the citizens go to the hometown during the eid celebration. Some of the Civil Society suggest that the vacation should be longer like 10 days so that the pressure on the transportation not be unbearable.

The opener batsman Mominul Haque is back to the squad

Mominul Haque will open for Bangladesh in a test. The selectors bangladesh cricket team was criticized by people for not taking Mominul in the squad. Selector Minhajul Abedin explained the reason behind keeping mominul Haque out. The opener batsman was suffering bye eye infection. Since he is well now the selectors find no reason to putting him out of squad. Mominul Haque has the highest average run in the test format among the Bangladeshi batsman. He didn't perform well in the last two test match and that put him out of the squad in the second test against Sri Lanka

Actor Omar Sani discouraged people to do Qurbani?

Bangla movie actor Omar Sani has been criticized for his comment on Qurbani. The actor in afacebook live video asked people to help the flood affected instead of slaughtering animals in this eid ul Adha. Later in another Facebook video he explained that he this year not going to slaughter any cow, but definitely he will do Qurbani slaughtering two goats. In the meantime, the actor has faced huge criticism in the social media by Muslims for discouraging people to do Qurbani. The actor now claims it was a misunderstanding.

Death of Salman Shah: Suicide or Murder

Salman Shah was the most popular hollywood actor of all time. Even after many years Salman Shah died still the audience things he was best in fashion and style. Ruby is someone who has come with YouTube video all of a sudden and claimed she knows everything about the death of the hero. There was a confusion in the mind of the people if the hero committed suicide or was killed. And Ruby has told that Salman was killed, she has evidence which she has kept secret all these years. 

Even after investigation 4 times, the law enforcing agencies couldn't find out how Salman Shah died. Investigation continues on this one of the most discussed death by Police Bureau of Investigation. On the other hand, Neela Chaudhary mother of Salman Shah claims Aziz Mohammad Bhai, a businessman and ex film producer is also suspected for this death. Aziz Mohammad Bhai is residing in Bangkok for last years. He comes to Bangladesh often. Aziz Mohammad Bhai ruled Bangla film industry in 90s thoroughly. He produced likely 50 movies. In some of his films some Bollywood artists have performed. But now he doesn't produce film anymore. Businessman Aziz Mohammad Bhai is owner of almost 11 different businesses; among them Olympic battery, Olympic ballpoint pen, MB Pharmaceuticals,MB film, Tip biscuit, Energy biscuit are important. Beside of these businesses he has luxurious resort in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Nasir and Shafiul back in the team, Mahmudullah and Mominul Islam out

Mahmudullah and Mominul Haque will not play the first test match against Australia, rumour comes true. Today in Meerpur Shere Bangla Stadium 14 member team has been announced by bangladesh cricket board and Mahmudullah and Mominul Islam is out of the team. In the last march while in Sri Lanka these two players were out of the team also. But both of the players are in the prepration cricket match squad called bcb XI.

On the other hand, Nasir Hussain and Shafiul Islam are back to the team. In a local cricket both of them have played wonderfully. 25 years old Nasir Hussain is a all rounder cricketer, he has been lost seen in the August of 2015 against South Africa.